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Why Teach English online

JOIN our Antoree community now if you are good at English and you want to help teach others online, one-on- one in your free time . With Antoree, you can:

  • Decide your schedule. You can teach anytime during the week that you want. You can also teach intensively when you have a lot of free time and pause teaching when you get busier.

  • Get our respect. You choose the learner you want to teach. After every lesson, you can rate and review your learner publicly and privately with us. When there're disputes, we will try to solve conflicts fairly.

  • Manage your teaching business more easily. We handle marketing, logistics, customer care and payment. So you only focus on teaching, which matters the most.

  • Get our training and guidance through sharing sessions among teacher community, newsletter, etc., all to help you increase your teaching quality and so, increase your income every month.

  • Save on travel time.​ Beside in-home teaching, you can teach online, which is very convenient without the hassle of traveling.

  • Get trusted and stable payment: Antoree delivers payment each month based on recorded teaching hours during the proceding. There are a variety of payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. 

  • Be guaranteed.If a student fails to notify you and does not show up as scheduled, you still get paid. We have files that noticed completely all terms to ensure benefits for both teachers and learners.

  • Have great experience when being part of the dedicated, borderless community that love sharing knowledges and helping others. We all help each other lead a better life.


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What is Antoree about? - Antoree is a supportive community of learners and teachers, helping each other with English education. The classes are conducted online, via Skype, and are strictly 1-on-1: One learner, one teacher.