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“We started up with a dream to make the world a better place!”

 In June 2014, our CEO Van Anh wanted to take a short-term programming course to improve her capabilities. However, as she was the COO of a Singapore technology company at that time, she was really busy and could only learn after finishing her work at 9PM every day. Due to her busy schedule, it was impossible for Van Anh to attend a regular class at a technology center. However, when she tried to find a teacher online who could accommodate her schedule and was knowledgeable enough to answer all of her questions about programming, all she was able to find was those who lived on the other side of the globe with the pay rate she could not afford. Instinctively, Van Anh knew that learning online should not be this difficult and that there was definitely someone out there who could teach her at a more affordable price from India, Singapore, or even in Vietnam…. However, the question was: “How could she find them?”

Around that time, she was on a business trip to the Philippines. There, for the first time, she had the experience of using a special service called “Uber” which allowed users to ride on luxury cars such as Limos, Porches, etc. but only pay a reasonable price which was considered even lower than that of traditional taxi services. She also discovered Airbnb which made it possible to stay in a luxurious apartment at affordable price. Moreover, the most wonderful thing is that user can use Uber or stay at an apartment from Airbnb anytime and anywhere in the world. The advancement of technology has transformed the way people enjoy their life at its best. During this trip, she also discovered that many Japanese, Korean and Chinese came to learn English in the Philippines. English is the main language of the Filipino, which is used commonly in Filipino’s society; therefore, they are able to teach English to others at cheaper price than people in other English-speaking countries such as: the US, the UK or Australia. Nevertheless, if a person wants to learn English with a Filipino teacher at an English center, he still has to pay a remarkably high price. Van Anh asked herself: “What should I do to solve this problem?”

Having been always passionate about contributing something meaningful to the society, she, inspired by Uber and Airbnb, decided to build a similar made-in-Vietnam start-up but with a focus in education. She decided to quit her job together with the monthly payment of 3,000 USD at the million-dollar technology company to build a start-up in Vietnam based on technology platform. And that was how Antoree came about. With great enthusiasm and passion, she wants to turn Antoree into the largest education community worldwide, thanks to the power of technology. The vision Antoree is working towards is no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you want to learn, you can always find a teacher here, on Antoree. You don’t have to waste time going to English class every day or concern about the price per lesson; Antoree will help you learn English in the most convenient, effective and affordable way.

Do you want to learn English one-on-one with a native tutor? It used to be difficult in terms of price, physical distance and time availability. It no longer is with Antoree! Please treat yourself to one-on-one English courses with high-quality native speakers which is now available to everyone.
We, Antorians, are working days and nights to provide the best English learning service for not only Vietnamese but also everyone from all over the world who wish to learn this language. We hope our product will help improve everyone’s English proficiency: everyone will have their own tutor whom they can trust, everyone’s need is catered for and the learning experience is individualized and optimized. As we, Antorians, always say that “Cause we love to help each other learn and grow together.”

More stories on why and how Van Anh started have been featured in the press such as: Vietnamnet & Nguoi Dong Hanh
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