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How it works

Antoree is a platform for connecting English learners and English tutors all over the world through personalized, 1-on-1 lessons.

1. Become a member

Register an account and join the supportive community of tutors and learners. You can be a tutor who teaches others online or offline. Or a learner who studies online with one of our private tutors.

2. Build a profile

If you are a tutor, having a trusted and good profile increases your chance of getting chosen by learners. Your profiles might range from your certificates and facts about your expertise, to rates & reviews by your past learners, or the hours of teaching you have accumulated on Antoree.

If you are a learner, possessing a good profile helps you get accepted better by top tutors.

3. Match-make

Antoree believes the learning will be the most efficient if tutor and learner are a good fit. So we work hard to bring learners the most suitable tutor to them, based on: topic, price, time, language in use, methods of learning, ways of learning (online/offline), styles of learning (serious, funny...), people's characteristics or interests.

Learners can search for tutors by themselves. You can also request a tutor so that Antoree will send you some tutors for free trial.

4. Learn & See results

Start learning with your private tutor & See how you improve.

5. Rate & Review

After each lesson, learners and tutors will honestly rate each other. IIt not only serves as feedback to make the counterpart better, but also reminds both sides to perform better in each lesson.

6. Keep learning

You can learn with other tutors or teach other students anytime. Learning is a lifelong journey!!

Learn more about how to teach on Antoree:

Learn more about how to learn on Antoree: Http://