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What is Antoree about?

Antoree is a supportive community of learners and teachers, helping each other with English education. The classes are conducted online, via Skype, and are strictly 1-on-1: One learner, one teacher.



1. How much is the salary?

Please talk to Ms.Emma (antoree.tutor.head) to get more detail about the mean for 1 teaching hour.

2. How and when can I get my payment?

You will receive the salary every month, usually on the 3rd and 4th day of the month, based on the total number of hours you teach in the previous month. The payment can be through Paypal (Prefered), Credit card, or Bank transfer.

3. Do I have to pay the deposit or any kind of registration fee?

No. It's totally free to join Antoree. You get paid when you teach and you don’t have to pay any fee.



1. Is 1-on-1 online teaching effective?

Yes. 1-on-1 teaching is proven to be much more effective than classroom learning because the teacher can personalize based on learners' level, ability and goals. Online teaching has been proven effective by the current learners at Antoree as you can see with their reviews on our website.

2. How can I teach online?

You can teach through Skype. You have to have headphones with the microphone, more preferably with webcam. And please show up on time.

3. Who are my learners?

Almost all learners at Antoree are Vietnamese people of all ages, different English levels and working in many fields.

4. What and how should I teach my learners?

You should understand your learners' demands and levels first. Then you design your curriculum and customize the pace accordingly. You can teach based on a coursebook, through news, videos or anyway you think will work for your learners.

5. What about schedule and how long is a lesson?

The trial lesson usually takes 30 minutes. About the exactly time for each trial lesson, Ms. Emma (antoree.tutor.head) will inform you via Skype, Regarding the exact time of each official class, the teacher and learning will arrange the details during the tiral lesson, so that it is convenient for both tutor and learner.
The official lesson usually takes place within 1 hour. About the exactly time for each official class, the teacher and the learner will arrange in the trial lesson that is convenient for both tutor and learner

6. Can I change my learners if I find us a mis-match?

Yes. Antoree’s main purpose is to match a tutor and a learner to make the most effective time. If you don’t want to teach your current official classes, please contact Ms.Emma (antoree.tutor.head). She will be the person who solves this issue.

7. How many classes can I teach within a week​?

Depend on the free schedule and the capacities of each tutor. An average tutor who only teaches in the evening may take 7 to 10 classes within a week (if each student has 2 lessons per week on average). If you can teach on Saturday, Sunday, or during the late night, the number may be even greater.



1. Do I need a certificate to apply?

No. We believe your real ability and dedication to help learners are more important than your certificates. We also understand that many of you are very good at English but don't have a certificate yet. But you are required to pass our test and training process before taking trial lessons and official classes. We keep track of your progress during the time you work as a teacher at Antoree.

2. Do I have to register with my real identity?

Yes. Registering with your real information is a must. This is required to help you create trust and intimacy with your future learners, so as to increase your chances at have learners at higher rates.

3. Is there any internet connection requirement?

Yes. Our minimum DL speed should be 0.3Mbps and your computer can be connected via both LAN/Ethernet cable and wifi.



What kind of support does Antoree provide me as a teacher?

Antoree helps you find learners and earn money. You are listed and publicized to all learners. You can decide if you want to accept to teach someone. If you perform well in our platform and get many high rates and reviews from past learners, you will be considered as Top High Quality Teaching and make more money.

You are protected by us. You get guarantee on monthly or seasonal payment. If learners don't show up but don't notify you, you will still get paid. When there are disputes between you and learners, you can report & we can help protect your rights.

We give you full control. Be it who to teach, when or how to teach, or even at what price to teach, you can decide on your own. You can always stop teaching whenever you want.

We help you save time and memory. You can choose to teach online, which will save time travelling. We notify you about the lesson so you don't have to remember or note in Google Calendar. We save all the content, curriculum for you so you can reuse for future learners.

We provide guidance, training and workshops to improve your teaching and compensation. We work hard to increase the education quality on our platform.

We help you build your own reputation. We encourage your learners to rate & review you. It all accumulates into your profile, bringing you good opportunities to have good learners or good pay.

We are here to serve you. Any points that are not mentioned but requested by you, we will try our best to fulfill. Give us some feedback or ask us a question.

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